Our Services

Navigating the complexities of First Nations treaty negotiations requires a deft hand, a knowledgeable mind, and a compassionate heart.

We bring all three to the table, guiding communities through every step of the process.

Administration of Justice Negotiations

Injustice has no place in any community. Our team is committed to the fair administration of justice negotiations, advocating for your rights, and working towards beneficial agreements that respect the sovereignty of First Nations/Indigenous communities.

Treaty Implementation Management Advice

Navigating the path from a treaty’s ink-drying to its successful implementation can be challenging.

We offer strategic advice and hands-on management support to ensure the adequate performance of treaties, respecting the spirit and letter of every agreement.

Fiscal Negotiations

Finance serves as the lifeblood of community development. We specialize in various aspects of fiscal negotiations, including financial transfer agreements, taxation and resource-sharing agreements, and funding for programs and services.

Long-Term Fiscal Modelling

Sustainable community growth requires long-term financial planning. We create comprehensive fiscal models to provide a clear view of your community’s economic future, identifying opportunities for growth and sustainability.

Review and Renegotiation of Transfer Agreements

Times change, and so should agreements. We’re experienced in reviewing and renegotiating transfer agreements, striving to ensure they continue to serve the best interests of your community.

Resource Sharing Agreements

Resources are vital to the well-being and growth of any community. We negotiate fair and equitable resource-sharing agreements, both renewable and non-renewable, always prioritizing the needs and rights of your community.

Program Needs Assessments

Understanding your community’s needs is the first step toward progress.

Our team conducts thorough program needs assessments to identify the resources and programs your community needs to thrive.