Our Impact

We’ve dedicated ourselves to championing the rights and voices of First Nations/Indigenous communities across northern and western Canada.

We are proud to showcase the impact we’ve made along this journey.

The Right Relationship: Reimagining the Implementation of Historical Treaties

Matthew Mehaffey’s co-authored chapter in this influential book underscores our firm’s dedication to reimagining and improving treaty implementation processes.

Our contributions to this seminal work reflect our commitment to facilitating the ‘Right Relationship’ between First Nations/Indigenous communities and the government.

Land Claims Agreements Coalition Fiscal Working Group

Our active participation in this working group exemplifies our dedication to financial equity for First Nations/Indigenous communities.

Working alongside industry thought leaders, we continually influence fiscal policies and practices directly impacting these communities.

Change is a Journey

Every step we’ve taken has been in service of a more equitable future for First Nations/Indigenous communities.

While we’re proud of our progress, we know the journey is far from over. Together, we’ll continue making waves in the realm of treaty negotiations.