About Us

We navigate the intricate journey of First Nations treaty negotiations with dedication and profound understanding.

Our legacy is intertwined with the rich history of Indigenous communities, a connection nurtured by our founder Hal Mehaffey, and continued by his son, Matthew.

Our Journey
Began in 1993

Hal Mehaffey, after a decade of advocating for the First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun and representing Indigenous Governments in modern treaties and self-government negotiations across northern and western Canada, established Mehaffey Consulting.

His vision was clear – to support underserved First Nations/Indigenous communities in their quest for parity on a governmental landscape.

Carrying the Torch Forward

Growing up in and around First Nation communities, Matthew Mehaffey developed a deep, empathetic understanding of the challenges faced by these communities.

Taking the company’s helm, Matthew specializes in various aspects of fiscal negotiations, offering unparalleled expertise in treaty implementation, financial transfer agreements, and resource-sharing agreements.

Our Vision & Mission

Our mission guides us towards a future where underserved First Nations/Indigenous communities have closed the gap in the governmental landscape.

We’re committed to enhancing our negotiation strategies to better serve and advocate for larger First Nations/Indigenous communities to achieve this.

Our Values Define Us

Our values aren’t just words to us; they’re the guiding principles we uphold in our quest to empower Indigenous communities.

As firm believers in transparency and accountability, we bring our steadfast dedication to every negotiation table.



Matthew Mehaffey: A Commitment to Progress

Matthew’s devotion to First Nations/Indigenous communities extends beyond his role at Mehaffey Consulting.

As a director of Da Daghay Development Corporation, a participant in the Land Claims Agreements Coalition Fiscal Working Group, and a co-author of a chapter in ‘The Right Relationship: Reimagining the Implementation of Historical Treaties,’ Matthew’s passion for this cause echoes through his diverse contributions.

Continuing the Legacy

In the spirit of Hal Mehaffey’s vision and the path charted by Matthew Mehaffey, we continue to advocate for change and transformation in First Nations treaty negotiations.

We honour our past and look forward to a future where our efforts will pave the way for more equitable and inclusive communities.