Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that navigating the realm of treaty negotiations can raise many questions. We’ve compiled some of the most asked questions to help clarify our processes and services.

What does Mehaffey Consulting specialize in?

Mehaffey Consulting specializes in First Nations treaty negotiations. Our expertise includes administration of justice negotiations, treaty implementation management advice, fiscal negotiations, resource sharing agreements, and program needs assessments.

What is your approach to fiscal negotiations?

Our approach to fiscal negotiations is holistic and comprehensive. We handle various aspects, including financial transfer agreements, taxation, resource-sharing agreements, and funding for programs and services. Our services also extend to long-term fiscal modelling, review, and renegotiation of transfer agreements.

What is the ‘Right Relationship’?

The ‘Right Relationship’ refers to a chapter co-authored by Matthew Mehaffey in a book. This chapter demonstrates our commitment to reimagining the implementation of historical treaties, and it is a testament to our dedication to establishing fair and equitable relationships between First Nations/Indigenous communities and the government.

How can I get in touch with Mehaffey Consulting?

Fill out the contact form to contact us. A team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

How long has Mehaffey Consulting been in business?

Mehaffey Consulting was founded in 1993 by Hal Mehaffey after more than a decade of advocating for First Nations/Indigenous communities. The company is now led by his son, Matthew Mehaffey, who continues supporting underserved communities.